Diabetes is the leading cause of adult blindness in the U.S.  Diabetes is also an epidemic in the Rio Grande Valley.  As diabetes progresses, the blood vessels inside the eye become damaged and inefficient.  Only an eye doctor can examine the inside of your eyes to determine if diabetes has damaged your eyes.  Annual fundus examinations (diabetic exams) are recommended for anyone with diabetes.  A diabetic eye exam involves the dilation of your pupils with dilating eye drops.  Dilating your eyes may cause blurry vision and light sensitivity.  For these reasons, we recommend that you bring someone to drive you home after your diabetic eye exam.  If you or a family member have diabetes, we recommend that you schedule a diabetic eye exam with one of our doctors.  At the end of the evaluation you may request a letter be sent to your family doctor or endocrinologist explaining the results of the exam.